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GIGANTIC CORN STOVE, Multiple Heat Exchanger Chambers up to 72,000 BTU/Hr

Part Number GCS7100
GIGANTIC CORN STOVE, Multiple Heat Exchanger Chambers up to 72,000 BTU/Hr
GIGANTIC CORN STOVE, Multiple Heat Exchanger Chambers up to 72,000 BTU/Hr
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Hot-water Coil, Legs, Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air Kit, Rear-mounted Flue Exhaust Kit
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Multiple Heat Exchanger Chambers up to 72,000 BTU/Hr
Corn Pellet Furnace Boiler Stove
Multifuel Capability

Burns Corn, special  attachment allows burning Wood Pellets
another option adds Hot-water Coils for Domestic Hot-water Heat

Two-Stage Heat Exchanger Chambers

Largest Stove Made in the USA

    Here is a Multiple Heat Exchanger Corn Pellet Furnace Boiler Stove that has a 2-stage heat exchanger producing 72,000 BTU/Hr output capability.  It was built to burn corn.   Large Hopper Bin of 115 lbs, Large Ash Drawer.  It has two (2) Heat Exchangers, a Big Fire Pot able to generate up to 72,000 BTU/Hr,, the largest  BTU/Hr output in the industry.   The standard flue exhaust vent is horizontal straight through-the-wall called a Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air VENT Kit. It blows hot gases outside the inside pipe and sleeves incoming fresh air into the combustion chamber from the outside concentric pipe. But it also has the capability of burning wood pellets with the addition of an option of a rear-mounted flue exhaust motor creating a negative draft, eliminating hopper fires and smoke inside the hopper.  Another option of adding a hot-water coil can produce heat for domestic hot-water.

Note LEGS in Matte Black are $150 extra, ... otherwise you can just rest the unit on the floor, or build your own pedestal base (or use concrete blocks).  All ACCESSORIES are charged out separately and you can see them in the OPTIONS paragraph below.

    Call us to make an ORDER at 1-319-298-0500.

PICTURE Descriptions ... top going left to right

    Starting at top, left to right
  1. Front of Stove
  2. Top Hopper
  3. 3-4 Front, Drawers Open
  4. Comustion Chamber
  5. Fire Box
  6. Concentric pipe Stubs
  7. Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air Vent
  8. Diagram of Concentric Vent
  9. Rear-mounted Flue Exhaust Motor
  10. Control Board


     The OPTIONS are as follows: (1) Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air Kit (included); (2) Concentric Pipe Extensions for basement installations up-the-wall 8 ft. plus (3) 90 Degree Elbows, add $300 (see another picture);  (4) Rear-mounted  Flue Exhaust Fan creating negative draft exhaust either horizontally or vertically, add $495,(5) LEGS Matte Black add $150, or just sit on floor, or you can make a Pedestal Base (concrete blocks), (6) Hot-water Coil will heat Domestic Hot Water $275, (7) Gold Plated Legs add $250, Gold Door add $400 (8) Corn Screener-Cleaner $85, (9) POWER OUTAGE Module $195, plus cables $35; (10) Hot Ash Vac $295.


     A Power-Outage Module (1000 watts) is available at $195 to supply 115 VAC to your crucial electrical devices ... a smart item to have as backup in power outages. Use this module for POWER OUTAGES and you can run it from any 12 VOLT BATTERY either a Car battery or a Deep Cycle Battery. It supplies 1000 WATTS of 115 VAC POWER with two outlets and battery cables are supplied. It will will run a variety of devices such as a CORN STOVES, WOOD PELLET STOVES , furnaces, computers, appliances, lights, sump pumps. SIZE: 10 inches Wide, 5 inches High, 15 inches Long, WEIGHT: 15 lbs. Larger 1575 Watt POWER priced at $250, still Larger 2500 Watt POWER priced at $350.  Continuous Auto-switching Module will switch back-and-forth between 115 V and 12v in outages and costs $495.


    WOOD PELLET burning customers are recommended to do both of the following:

    Install the REAR-MOUNTED FLUE EXHAUST FAN KIT that will enable you to convert your positive-draft corn stove into a NEGATIVE DRAFT and allow you to burn multiple fuels such as wood pellets without hazards. This Kit will replace your positive draft fan inside your corn stove that pushes air and flue exhaust through the combustion chamber and out the flue exhaust pipe. Postive draft systems can push hot flue exhaust gases through the hopper bin if there is a flue exhaust pipe blockage or restriction... thus creating a HOPPER FIRE!!! This is a greater danger when burning wood pellets as they ignite at a lower temperature than corn. Get rid of your old positive draft flue exhaust fan and replace it with this rear-mounted Flue exhaust fan. The kit comes with the fan, take-offs, wire extensions and connectors, plate-off, fresh-air take-off, fresh-air damper.

HOT-WATER COIL with heat Domestic Hot Water

     All homes have a hot-water heater and the option exists to route the hot-water coil into your hot-water heater and heat your water for domestic use in the bathroom and kitchen. Do not forget that you spend energy heating your hot water heater and you can save money there also if you buy our unit. It is simple to install and goes inside the combustion chamber at the top and pokes out the right-side wall. You will receive instructions in the Operators Manual and Technical Instructions on how to do this.  Coli is 3/4 inch dia.stainless steel.


      (1)Fresh air sources may be either room air or fresh air kit. A fresh air kit is especially recommended for newer contructed homes that have air-tight construction...as room air vacuum may be crated without it. Also inside air has impurities and is human breathed and carbon-dioxide saturated. If you buy this unit, an outside fresh air passageway is already designed into our Concentric Vent Kit.  (2) Wood Pellet Users should consider buying the Rear flue Exhaust Fan that is mounted on the back and will create a negative air pressure, suck the air and fumes out of the combustion chamber thus eliminating hopper fires (smoke). (3) Corn Users: buy DRY corn from sources (farmers) that dry their corn 12 to 14% moisture and who cater to corn stove owners; (4) Corn Users: use crushed oyster shell with your corn and scatter or layer it into the hopper like layering soap in the laundry machine; (5) Buy a wood-pellet or corn stove that has the capability to heat both your home and hot water (buy hot-water coil)...with our unit!; (9) High moisture content of corn 15% can be offset by burning crushed oyster shell and partial wood pellets. Corn Users: Everyone should consider sprinkling crushed oyster shell into their corn to facilitate a cleaner burning and less ash...even if you have 12% moisture corn.


    Seller will allow return items if done within 14 days after purchase and the buyer must pay for both shipping and insurance.   Item must not have been opened, used, or in a condition other than the one we sent to the buyer. ... If an exception is granted seller may charge a 25% restocking charge.  The return item must be repackaged and insured by the buyer so the shipping agent will not damage the product upon return.    If item is defective and/or damaged in shipment by the Freight Carrier, the seller may elect to either exchange item, replace item, or adjust the price to compensate for damage.


   The seller (dealer) resides in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa so legal jurisdiction remains with the seller's home base. Accordingly the parties (seller and buyer) consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in Linn County, Iowa, in any action arising out of or relating to this sales description and agreement. The parties waive any other venue to which either party might be entitled by domicile or otherwise.  If the seller is forced to incur legal fees and court costs to enforce this agreement, then the buyer will pay for them..


    Customer may pick this item up in person or have it shipped by a commercial freight carrier 450-500 lbs to the nearest large-city Regional Terminal serving the customer's geographic area and the Customer will pickup the item at this Regional Terminal.  Customer may also have it shipped to a local business inside the city limits of the same or near-by city that has a loading dock and/or a skid loader.  Just drive over there and they will load it into your truck with a fork-lift.  Check it for DAMAGES before you sign and load it into your truck; otherwise your claim will be denied. Note Damage on signature slip.


     Heating capacity up to 3,500 sq. ft., BTU output up to 72,000 BTU/Hr., Hopper capacity 115 lb,, designed to burn corn, has wood pellet burning capability.  Dimensions: 29-1/2" Wide x 37" High x 27" Deep, for Legs add 6" in H (Height), for vertical duct take-off add 18" to top or Height, Weight 350 lbs, Shipping weight 400 lbs, Electrical 110 VAC, 7 Amps, 60 Hz, a POWER OUTAGE Module is available, Safety Tested, EPA Exempt, UL Approved MH45411, ULC/ORD- C 1482, (UM) 84-HUD. Manufacturer: Carroll Corn Stoves Corp.


     For questions, comments, or to ORDER contact: Richard H. Dodge, Corn Stoves of Iowa, Dealer, 1312 1st Avenue, N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52405, 319-298-0500, FAX 319-298-0500 

On Nov-07-05 at 07:51:15 PST, seller added the following information:

Always buy from a DEALER. Never buy from individuals.

  • Weight, Size: 450 lbs, 28" deep x 29-1/2" wide x 37" high.
  • Color: Matte Black
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