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Forced-Air II (Two) Corn Wood Pellet Multifuel Furnace Stove

Forced-Air II (Two) Corn Wood Pellet Multifuel Furnace Stove
Forced-Air II (Two) Corn Wood Pellet Multifuel Furnace Stove
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MODEL II has 105 BTU/HR will heat up to 4,000 SQ FT

BUY A MULTI-FUELED FURNACE that will burn ANY KIND OF BIOMASS MATERIAL such as wood pellets, corn

MUTIFUEL FURNACE will reduce your dependence on one Fuel that may be more expensive.

        The FORCED-AIR CDUCTOR  MULTI-FUEL Model II (TWO) FURNACE,  will hookup to your existing forced air ductwork either as a Primary (Stand Alone) or a Secondary (Add-On). This Multi-fueled Furnace Model II (TWO) will produce up to 105,000 BTU/Hr (Model II) and will burn corn, wood pellets, soybeans, sunflower seeds, wheat, cherry pits, olive pits, engineered pellets, and any biomass fuel. We suggest you experiment around. If corn prices skyrocket, then dump the corn for a lower cost fuel. This Multi-fueled Furnace will fit any size of home, garage, farm house, business with Model II heating to 4,000 sq. ft. Connect it with your DUCTWORK and run the room air FROM TOP into your existing ductwork in either round or square. All you need are a Duct Take-Off either Round 12", Square 14", or Rectangular 8"x16" and a matching Back-Draft damper. These add-on Options are priced very reasonably. A Cold Return Air is located in the lower rear with a FILTER Bracket (16 x 25 x 1 inches) and a COLD AIR Return Enclosure of 14 x 24 x 20 inches that can be connected to a standard cold-air plenum of 14 x 20 inches with a 10 X 20 inch riser (if required). Also a POWER OUTAGE Module is available for this unit for $179. A Digital Thermostat option ia available for $72 and a Remote Control option is available for $295. This unit retails at the manufacturer recommended selling price MRSP of $4,550.00.)

    We sell three (3) other Models: Model I is 80,000 BTU/Hr. ($500 less); Model III at 110,000 BTU/Hr is available for $2,300 more (much higher quality). By request only there is a 4th Model IV (Four) at 165,000 BTU/Hr for $3500 more. It is still wise to buy one now and get it delivered before the cold fall months arrive. Get your corn furnace (stove) purchased now. Also visit our Ebay Store for other related items: . Always buy from Dealers, not from individuals.

    Ebay Rules allow the highest bidder to Buy-It-Now immediately with an early auction ending. There has to be more than 12 hours left in the listing. To do that call us at 1-319-298-0500 or contact us at Ebay's Ask-a-question located at the bottom of this listing in the far lower left-hand side or use Ebay's Contact Seller. This is consistent with Ebay rules and we have no intent to bypass them or bypass Ebay in a sale.

Item sold is NEW inside a carton strapped to a skid and carries a 3 Year Warranty.

PICTURE Descriptions ... left to right.

Top Row ... left to right

  3. HOPPER BIN View - Holds 320 lbs
  4. BACK DRAFT DAMPER - 12 inches
  6. Flue Exhaust Pipe, 45 Degree Turn from back of furnace
  7. Flue Exhaust Pipe, 10 foot riser outside, (not included)
  8. Drawing of Add-on Furnace alongside other existing furnace (recommended)


     Worried about RISING fuel prices?...well don't worry. Just buy a MULT-FUEL stove, furnace, boiler, or fireplace insert and SWITCH to another (cheaper) fuel such as CORN, WOOD PELLETS or big HARD RED WINTER WHEAT ... or switch grass, or any BIO-MASS fuel of-the-future. The latest prices are posted in bags of sizes 40lb, 50lb, or 55lb where a bushel of corn is 55lb bag. BLUE SEAL STOVE CORN is in 40lb bags. Whole corn at a farm feed dealer is usually bagged in 50 bags. Only elevator grain (corn) is bagged in 55lb bushel bags. WOOD PELLETS come in a smaller bag (40 lb), and they burn less-hot than corn or other bio-mass material.

  1. CORN in IOWA................................................. Sept 1, 2014.........$3.76/bu. bag
  2. CORN in EASTERN OHIO ...............................Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.07/bu. bag
  3. CORN in NEBRASKA .......................................Sept 1, 2014 .....$3.72/bu.bag
  4. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NH.........................Sept 1, 2014 .....$7.79/40lb.bag
  5. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in VERMONT ..........Sept 1, 2014.......$7.92/40lb.bag
  6. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MAINE ................. Sept 1, 2014......$7.41/40lb.bag
  7. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MASS ....................Sept 1, 2014.......$7.99/40lb.bag
  8. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NEW YORK .........Sept 1, 2014.......$7.99/40lb.bag
  9. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in PENN ....................Sept 1, 14..........$7.63/40lb.bag

  10. WOOD PELLETS in IOWA ............................Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.75/40lb.bag
  11. WOOD PELLETS in NEBRASKA ......................Sept 1, 14 .......$4.87/40lb.bag
  12. WOOD PELLETS in OHIO........ ........................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.25/40lb.bag
  13. WOOD PELLETS NEW YORK ........................Sept1, 14 .......$5.49/40lb.bag
  14. WOOD PELLETS in PENN .............................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.98/40lb.bag
  15. WOOD PELLETS in MAINE ......................Sept 1, 2014 .........$5.25/40lb.bag
  16. WOOD PELLETS VERMONT ........................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.65/40lb.bag
  17. WOOD PELLETS NEW HAMPSHIRE............Sept 1, 14 .......$5.75/40lb.bag
  18. WOOD PELLETS IN MASS .....................Sept 1, 2014...........$5.99/40lb.bag

  19. SOYBEANS in IOWA............................... Sept 1, 2014 ..........$9.97/bu. bag
  20. SOYBEANS in NEBRASKA..................... Sept 1, 2014 .........$9.60/bu. bag
  21. BIG RED WHEAT NEBRASKA .....................Sept 1, 2014 .....$5.11/bu. bag
  22. BIG RED WHEAT MONTANA................... Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.94/bu. bag
  23. BIG RED WHEAT CANADA ....................Sept 1, 2014 .........$5.23/bu. bag
  24. CHERRY PITS MICHIGAN.......................Sept 1, 2014..........$7.25/50lb.bag
  25. CHERRY PITS OREGON..........................Sept 1, 2014...........$6.75/50lb.bag
  26. CHERRY PITS CALIFOR.........................Sept 1, 2014...........$7.25/50lb.bag
  27. OLIVE PITS CALIFORNIA.........................Sept 1, 2014..........$6.25/50lb.bag
  28. SUNFLOWER BLACK SEEDS..................Sept 1, 2014........$15.95/50lb.bag


    Heat Output of Model II is 105,000 BTU/Hr. with speed adjustment from 50,000 to 105,000 BTU heating up to 4,000 Square Feet will enable it to be speed-adjusted to fit the installation space. Model II has a 250 lb Hopper Bin and Room Air Fan of 1600 CFM. It burns Corn, Woods Pellets, Cherry Pits, Olive Pits, Soy Beans, Processed Silage, Bio-Mass, Etc., Fire-pot Curved-bottom helps eliminate Clinkers. An Agitator for the Firepot can help eliminate clinkers. OPTION: See-thru mini WINDOW Front Door 4"x4" add $350. The Duct attachments are the same for both models. The 1600 CFM Circulation Blower blows air out the top through a DUCT Take-Off (an Option) Round 12", or 14" Square, or Rectangular 8"x16" with matching Back-Draft Damper (an Option) Round or Square. COLD-AIR Return Enclosure 24 x 14 x 20 inches is universally designed for either a rear or side take-off into a 20 x 14 inch Cold-Air tap-in. Also available (Option) is a 90 DEGREE HOT-AIR ASSEMBLY containing a 3-way adjustable damper register (8" X 20") mounted at the top in the face (see 2nd Picture). The Exhaust Blower is designed for Negative Draft, No Smoke Spillage. It has a Thermostatic Control Option through a millivolt thermostat, either Dial or Digital. It has Settings for 5 Heating or Auger speeds, coordinated Draft Flue Exhaust Speeds. Fuel speeds are 1 thru 5 (High). Micro-adjustments 1 thru 10 on Flue Draft Speed and Fuel Speed. Easy Operating, Built-in Computer Diagnostic Procedure easy to follow. LARGE Ash Tray and easy Ash Deposit and Removal. Overall unit efficiency: up to 97% combustion efficiency. With less than 1.00 grams/hr. particle emission rate, it meets both EPA Certified Phase II and EPA Exempt Status Standards.


    At a low particle emission rate of less than 1.00 grams/hr this unit meets or exceeds the EPA Certified Phase II Emissions Standards at 7.5 grams/hr for non-catalytic wood stoves and 4.1 grams/hr for catalytic wood stoves. Wood pellet stoves are non-catalytic. This unit also meets the NON-EXEMPT CRITERIA because it has less than 1.00 gram per hour particulate emission rate.


    OPTIONS available are as follows: (1) See-thru mini WINDOW 4"x4" Front Door add $350, (2) DUCT Take-off 14 Square $150, (3) DUCT Take-off 8 x 16 Rectangular $150, (4) DUCT Back-Draft Damper 14 inch Square $150, (5) BACK-DRAFT DAMPER Plates (leaves) for Old Existing Furnace $150; (6) HOT-AIR Plenum Riser 5 foot long 14 x 14 inch square $150, 2-1/2 feet long $100; (7) 14 inch Square Tap-in Collar $50; (8)Top-Mount 90 Degree DUCT-TURN w Register $350, (9) COLD-AIR Return Enclosure Box 24 x 14 x 20 inches designed universally to fit either rear or side mount to cold-air 20 x 14 inch opening $200; (10) COLD-AIR Plenum Drop 9-1/2 feet in 20 x10 inch to rt. angle turn 20 x 14 inch $250; (11) COLD-AIR Return 20 x 14 inch horizontal tie-in 5 foot long $150; (12) COLD-AIR Return Tap-in 20 x 14 inch $50; (13) 12-pak Air Filters 16 X 25 X 1 inches; (14) Flue Exhaust Kit 4-inch $465, (15) Basement 6 Foot 4-inch Flue Extention $150, (16) Flue Exhaust 4 inch Stainless Steel FLEX Pipe extention (any length) $25 per ft., (17) Fresh Air Kit (for Rear Wall) 3-inch $145, (18) Extention 3" Aluminum Pipe (any length) $10 per ft., (19) Wall Digital Thermostat $68, Wall Dial-Indicator Thermostat $35, (20) Remote Control Thermostat $245, (21) Corn Screener/Cleaner $65; (22) Hot-Ash Vac $265.

    Other Options are: Model I (ONE) at 80,000 BTU/Hr subtract $500, Model III (THREE) at 110,000 BTU/Hr (Higher Quality) add $2300, (21) Jumbo NON-Ductable blows air out horizontally subtract $1000.


    Thermostic control is optional and you can elect to either control your unit at either the dial dash board or by a wall thermostat (we sell them). If you plan to run your multifuel furnace on a thermostat, we suggest you run it initially without the themostat connected to become accustomed to the operation of the unit. If using a thermostat, when your room space does not call for heat, your multifuel furnace will ratchet down to a PILOT FIRE which should be the lowest dial setting (one). (See picture on bottom row of pictures). When it calls for heat the multifuel furnace will return to the previous dial setting. NOTE: Do NOT use the existing thermostat to control both your old and new furnace. This Mult-fuel Unit, if run with a thermostat, should be set about 5 Degrees higher than the Old furnace, so the majority of the heat will come from the Mutlt-fuel Unit. The Multi-fuel Unit should be the primary furnace...the old furnace should be the backup. In the first year it is not recommended the Old Furnace be replaced...in fact it may be wise to keep it permanently as a backup. We sell Wall Digital Thermostats Round or Square, Wall Dial-Indicator Thermostats, and Remote Control Thermostats. REPEAT SUGGESTION: Those electing a Thermostat Options should run their Multi-Fuel Furnace without it for 1-4 weeks in order to become familiar with the multi-fuel furnace on a stand-alone-basis.


    A Power-Outage Module (1000 watts) is available at $179 to supply 115 VAC to your crucial electrical devices ... a smart item to have as backup in power outages. Use this module for POWER OUTAGES and you can run it from any 12 VOLT BATTERY either a Car battery or a Deep Cycle Battery. It supplies 1000 WATTS of 115 VAC POWER with two outlets and battery cables are supplied. It will will run a variety of devices such as a CORN STOVES, WOOD PELLET STOVES , furnaces, computers, appliances, lights, sump pumps. It even has a USB Type A outlet that allows charging of IPOD's, Blackberrys, and Cell Phones. SIZE: 10 inches Wide, 5 inches High, 15 inches Long, WEIGHT: 15 lbs. Larger 1575 Watt POWER priced at $250, still Larger 2500 Watt POWER priced at $350.


    There is a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, fire box, door, etc., and 1 YEAR WARRANTY on electronics. Re-sale by individuals or un-authorized dealers can not offer a valid warranty. Be careful from whom you buy. We are a Dealer specializing in corn stoves and can help you through your installation as well as and trouble shooting if necessary. Be careful as others do not have the capability to do that.


    There are two alternative layouts: (1) Short Hot-Air, Cold-air Duct runs, and long Flue Exhaust Pipe runs, long Combustion (Fresh) Air Pipe runs; (2) Long Duct runs and short Pipe runs. We recommend (1) short Duct runs and long Pipe runs.

    SHORT DUCT RUNS:  We recommend maximizing your room-air flow and having the shortest ductwork path possible with the least amount of turns (preferrably none) using 14 inch square ductwork. Don't worry about how long your Flue Exhaust Pipe run or Fresh-Air Pipe run will be, as that will be the least of your problems. Locate your Multifuel Furnace right along side your existing furnace facing in the same direction and directly underneath the main air discharge trunk line that your existing furnace plenum rises up to meet. You then use a 14 inch square plenum for your Hot-air discharge from the top of your Multifule Furnace, go straight up and mate into the same trunk line. Your Cold-air return on your Multifuel Furnace should have a 24 x 14 x 20 inch take-off from the bottom rear and from there you run either horizontally or verically by tapping into either side of a 14 X 20 inch Tee located on the side or back. The Cold Air Tee is built universal and can tap either side left or right or at the rear, and go up either vertically or horizontally. Vertical: we sell a 14 X 20 vertical-drop cold air plenum with a right-angle turn at the bottom. Horizontal: You can simply go across the floor in a 14 X 20 inch rectagular plenum to mate into your existing old furnace. When you step back and face the front of the furnaces, you should see two vertical plenums going straight up merging into your Hot-air discharge trunk line. When you go to the rear of the furnaces you should see a horizontal 14 X 20 inch rectangular plenum lying on the floor (or close to it) connecting the two Cold-air return take-offs at the bottoms of each furnace. Note you will need back-draft dampers for both furnaces.

    LONG PIPE RUNS:  It does not matter how far you run your Flue Exhaust Pipe as you can always use 4 inch Stainless Steel FLEX pipe to run any distance and if your need a flue exhaust booster fan (probably not), then you can install one. Same comment for a Fresh-Air Pipe, run a 3 inch Aluminum pipe whatever distance you need.


    You will need both a Duct Take-off and a Duct Back-Draft Damper for your installation. You will need a back-draft damper installed in BOTH this multi-fuel Furnace and your Old furnace. We sell either a Round 12" Dia., 14" Square, or Rectangular (8"x16") Back-Damper for this unit and your Old Furnace we have Aluminun Drop Leaves you can use as back-draft damper. We sell all three (3) in our Eby Store. Unless the customer is a technical handyman, he (she) may want to hire a licensed certified HVAC mechanical contractor to install them. You can also hire a sheet metal fabricator to do it. Note: unless you insert back draft dampers for each furnace your system will not work correctly. The damper blades can be gravity drop and are usually made out of light-weight aluminum .025" thick. You can buy all three (3) back-draft dampers from us as they are in our Ebay Store and they are hard to make ( must use light-weight aluminum .025" thick). Do not use gavanized metal for damper blades as they weigh too much and will starve your horse power output..when the furnace turns on, the air blows up through the flaps. Buy the back-draft dampers from us and you will get the right thing. If you are having difficulty making or finding a back-draft damper, then call us.

    We recommend using 14 inch square plenum and ductwork because it gives you the largest cross section area of 144 Square inches with the least amount of air-flow resistance. 12 inch round is the least attractive at 113 square inches, and 8 x 16 inch retangular is 128 square inches. We sell 14 inch plenum and duct in our Ebay Store.


    Winning bidders will be immediately mailed our 24 page OWNER'S MANUAL so they may read it and prepare for the future delivery of their Corn furnace (stove). In the Owner's Manual is a step by step instruction for installation of this Multi-fuel Furnace as a Primary Furnace located side by side to your Old Furnace. We recommend you run our Multi-fuel as a primary to achieve your desired temperature and use your old furnace as a backup and dial-down the thermostat to your old furnace about 5 Degrees lower than what you are confortable with. You Old furnace should only fire-up in an emergence back-up role. Do NOT run off the same thermostat; in fact you may wish to try running our Multifuel unit initially without a thermostat.

    Do NOT get rid of your Old Furnace but keep it as an emergency back-up. Use our Mult-fuel Unit as your primary furnace set to produce heat at 5 Degrees higher than your Old Furnace. The Mult-fuel Unit does not need a thermostat to run effectively. You do NOT need a thermostat to run the Multi-fuel Unit. Do not use one thermostat for both furnaces. If you elect (as an option) to run the Multi-fuel unit on a thermostat, then it must have it's own thermostat. Those electing a Thermostat Option should first run their Multi-Fuel Furnace without it for 1-4 weeks so they become familiar with the multi-fuel furnace on a stand-alone-basis.

    Also installation for Exhaust Flue Vent Kit (not provided) and startup are available. Exhaust Flue Vent Kit can be purchased separately at your request and/or check our Ebay Store. We sell 4 inch Stainless Steel FLEX extentions in any length that can connect to the rear of the Multifuel furnace and run anywhere either inside or out. Up-The-Basement-Wall Extension of 6 feet with another 90 turn is available. Included is a Fresh Air Intake Kit which is recommended and can be used to avoid room air vacuum as well as draw oxygen-rich air in from the outside.

    Thermostatic customers nervous about premature furnace shutdow at slower speeds, could run a small pecentage of wood pellets mixed with corn. We recommend customers experiment with burning a mixture of wood pellets and corn...they may wish to switch exclusively to wood pellets later if the price of corn skyrockets. We also recommend customers experiment burning soybeans and wheat. Crushed Oyster Shell sprinkled in the hopper bin facilitates a cleaner burning and helps avoid any Clinker formation. However the high technology agitator design, extremely rugged, helps elimate clinkers also. The unit is NEW in a box/crated pallet.


    Shipping is done by a commercial Freight Carrier and we ship 650 lbs in a carton strapped to a skid to the nearest large-city Main Terminal serving the customer's geographic area. The customer will drive a pickup truck over to the Main Terminal and they will load the item into your truck with a Fork-lift Truck. Shipping costs to the USA maimland will be from $245.00 to $345.00 with an average of $295.00; therefore we are charging a flat rate of $295.00. For another $50.00 we can ship to a local business in your town or nearby city that has a fork-lift and/or loading dock. Lumber Yards, Farm Equipment Cos, and local Manufacturers are good choices for fork-lift, loading-dock businesses. Call for a quote outside of the U.S. such as Canada.


    Active bidders please provide me with your telephone number(s) and E-mail. This may increase your chance of getting the item in which you are bidding. Good communication exchange and successful bidding go hand-in-hand. Just a request and a suggestion.


    Heat Output Model II is 105,000 BTU/hr with 250 lbs Hopper Bin, 5 Heat Range knob settings, 10 Micro-adjustment Settings for Draft and Fuel Speeds. It has a 1600 CFM Room Air from two 800 CFM blowers. Heating Capacity for Model II are up to 4,000 Square Feet. Duct Take-Offs (Options) either 12" Round, 14" Square, or 8"x16" Rectangular. It has a Large Ash Pan. Return-Air Filter Slot for Filter Sizes 16 x25x1 inches and the COLD AIR Return take-off is 14 X 24 inches with . The 4" Flue Exhaust Pipe is Type L double-wall with the inside wall made out of stainless steel. Fresh-Air Kit is 4 Inch Piping. Weight of the Model II Furnace is 500 lbs with crate/pallet is around 650 lbs. Dimensions of Model II (TWO) are: 28-1/2 inches Wide, 43 inches High, 45 inches Deep; Thermostatic Control Option, Electrical 115 VAC, 10 Amps, 60 Hz, a POWER OUTAGE Module is available. It was Safety Tested by Warnock Hersey and Listed to CAN/CSA B366.1-M91, ULC-C 391-99. Manufacturer: American Heating Systems


    For questions, comments, or to Buy-It-Now thru Ebay, contact: Corn Stoves of Iowa, Dealer, 1312 1st Avenue, N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52405, 319-298-0500, FAX 319-298-0500 (call to turn FAX on), E-mail: Use the Ebay Ask-a-question system located at the bottom of the listing in the far lower lefthand side ... Also check out my Ebay Store at: .

On Nov-07-05 at 07:51:15 PST, seller added the following information: Always buy from a DEALER. Never buy from individuals.<>
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