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Combo I Corn Multifuel Furnace Boiler Stove 70,000 BTU

Combo I Corn Multifuel Furnace Boiler Stove 70,000 BTU
Combo I Corn Multifuel Furnace Boiler Stove 70,000 BTU
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Burns Corn, Premium wood pellets, Grain seeds, Big Red Hard Winter Wheat,
Soybeans, Black Suflower Seeds, Cherry Pits, Olive Pits

WHY NOT HAVE BOTH! Supply Hot Water to Kitchens and Bathrooms

Introducing the newly manufactured COMBO I CORN MULTIFUEL FORCED-AIR FURNACE BOILER, 70,000 BTU/Hr, possessing both forced air heat as well as hot water for kitchens and bathrooms as well as hot water circulating heat. This auction is for a COMBO I:Color>

Note LEGS in Matte Black are $150 extra, ... otherwise you can just rest the unit on the floor, or build your own pedestal base (or use concrete blocks). All ACCESSORIES are charged out separately and you can see them in the OPTIONS paragraph below.

The COMBO ICOLOR=blue> can be used as a free-standing stove to blow air out the front or the top. Or you can use it as a furnace and connect it to your ductwork. You connect to your existing ductwork by removing a top louver-plate mounted on the top of the furnace and inserting a duct stub take-off. COMBO I will heat your Domestic Hotwater as well as providing Forced-Air out the front and top (ductable). For COMBO I:Color>, the hot water coils may also be connected to your domestic hot water tank thus providing hot water for domestic consumption for kitchens and bathrooms. If you elect not to use the hot water coils, then you can cap them off on the side of the furnace so they do not show. But if they are there, you might as well use them to heat your hot water for kitchen and bathrooms.

The COMBO II:Color> can have the hot water coils piped directly into the boiler, thus eliminating the need for the boiler to fire up and only the circulating pump will be needed. COMB II has a NEW Secondary Heating chamber (100% STAINLESS STEEL) and to get it add $2000. COMBO II normally has at least two of three ForcedAir louvers plated-off. These louvers are found on the front and top of the machine. See below under description BOILER BOOSTER a more detailed description of how this COMBO II unit can pre-heat your boiler water.

Note: MODEL 3Color> containing 165,000 BTU/Hr is also available for significantly more money, ask for details. All models are multi-fuel burning devices.

All three models are nultifuel and will burn all kinds of biomass seed material such as corn, premium hardwood wood pellets, big red winter wheat, etc. See our add-on features that will better enable you to burn wood pellets. We have a POWER-OUTAGE Module that can be added to this unit ... a handy feature to have. Supplies are limited as we have limited the purchases for our warehouse for this heating season. The manufacturer recommended selling price or MRSP is $4,485 and you are welcome to call us.

    For more information or questions, call us at 1-319-298-0500.

PICTURE Descriptions ... left to right

  1. Top Row ... left to right
  2. COMBO Furnace/Boiler w SQUARE Duckwork & Hot-water Hookups
  3. COMBO Stove/Boiler w Hot-water Hookups
  4. COMBO Furnace/Boiler w ROUND Duckwork & Hotwater Hookups
  5. Hot-water GAGES: Auto Air-Vent Gage, Temperature/Pressure Gages (not included)
  6. Electronic Controls
  7. Hopper Bin, carrys 100 lbs, AUGER shown at bottom

  8. Second row ... left to right
  9. Fire Pot, Chute Drop hole above it
  10. Pipe stubs for Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh-Air
  11. Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh-Air Kit (not included)
  12. Basement 8 foot extension for the Concentric Flue Kit (not included)
  13. Rear-Mounted Flue Exhaust Fan, Negative Draft, help burn WOOD PELLETS (not included)
  14. Diagram of Fresh Air Flow and flue Exhaust Flow

We can arrange a special buy-it-now for these OPTIONS to avoid circumventing Ebay fees. The OPTIONS are as follows: (1) Forced-Air Duct Take-off (on top of furnace) to merge into the Ductwork, either 10 Inch Round or 8 x 16 Inch Rectangular (specify which) $100, (2) Back-draft Damper 10 Inch Round or 8 x 16 Inch Rectangular (specify which), add $125, (3) Duct Block-off Plates to Improve Hot-water Coil BTU/Hr Output, (4) COMBO II has a Secondary Heat Exchanger (for boiler booster) boosting the BTU Output 35,000 BTU/Hr. is a 10 gallon tank and is 100% STAINLESS Steel add $2000, (5) MODEL 3 for 165,000 BTU/Hr is available for significantly more money, ask for details, (6) Wood Pellet Auger Kit add $250 that will improve wood-pellet feeding, (7) Wood Pellet Rear Flue Exhaust Fan add $495, (8) Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air VENT Kit, add $365 (see picture), (9) Concentric Pipe Extensions for basement installations up-the-wall 8 ft. plus (b) 90 Degree Elbows, add $300 (see another picture), (10) LEGS Matte Black add $150, or just sit on floor, or you can make a Pedestal Base (concrete blocks), (11) Gold Plated Legs add $250, Gold Door add $300, (12) Corn Screener-Cleaner $65, (13) POWER OUTAGE Module $179, (14) Hot Ash Vac $285; (15) Local Delivery to a Fork-lift, Loading-dock Business in your town or nearby city for another $50. If you buy any of these OPTIONS, we can arrange a special buy-it-now in a separate listing to avoid circumventing Ebay fees.


A Power-Outage Module (1000 watts) is available at $179 to supply 115 VAC to your crucial electrical devices ... a smart item to have as backup in power outages. Use this module for POWER OUTAGES and you can run it from any 12 VOLT BATTERY either a Car battery or a Deep Cycle Battery. It supplies 1000 WATTS of 115 VAC POWER with two outlets and battery cables are supplied. It will will run a variety of devices such as a CORN STOVES, WOOD PELLET STOVES , furnaces, computers, appliances, lights, sump pumps. It even has a USB Type A outlet that allows charging of IPOD's, Blackberrys, and Cell Phones. SIZE: 10 inches Wide, 5 inches High, 15 inches Long, WEIGHT: 15 lbs. Larger 1575 Watt POWER priced at $250, still Larger 2500 Watt POWER priced at $350.


WOOD PELLET burning customers are recommended to do both of the following:

(1) Buy the AUGER IMPROVMENT that has the safety gap welded closed as well as two right-angle ticks welded to the end of the shaft. These auger-shaft improvements will eliminate the crushing of wood pellets and prevent them impacting or jamming the rear of the auger shaft.

(2) Install the REAR-MOUNTED FLUE EXHAUST FAN KIT that will enable you to convert your positive-draft corn stove into a NEGATIVE DRAFT and allow you to burn multiple fuels such as wood pellets without hazards. This Kit will replace your positive draft fan inside your corn stove that pushes air and flue exhaust through the combustion chamber and out the flue exhaust pipe. Postive draft systems can push hot flue exhaust gases through the hopper bin if there is a flue exhaust pipe blockage or restriction... thus creating a HOPPER FIRE!!! This is a greater danger when burning wood pellets as they ignite at a lower temperature than corn. Get rid of your old postive draft flue exhaust fan and replace it with this rear-mounted Flue exhaust fan. The kit comes with the fan, take-offs, wire extensions and connectors, plate-off, fresh-air take-off, fresh-air damper.


All homes have a hot-water heater and the option exists to route the hot-water coil into your hot-water heater and heat your water for domestic use in the bathroom and kitchen. Do not forget that you spend energy heating your hot water heater and you can save money there also if you buy our unit. It is simple to install. You will receive instructions in the Operators Manual and Technical Instructions on how to do this.


Not only will the Hot Water Coils heat your water for hot water domestic use in kitchens and bathrooms, they can also boost your boiler heating capacity and reduce your burn time on your boiler. For those installations planning to boost your boiler heat, we recommend hooking the hot water coils in series with the boiler. The Combo II has a NEW SECONDARY Heat Exchanger, stainless steel, around 10 gallons, and is an upgraded model from the old Combo I. This secondary heat exchanger included in COMBO II is required when you are using the unit as a Boiler Booster. The heated hot water output line from the COMBO Unit should input to the cold water return to the old existing boiler right before the main boiler circulating pump. Your main boiler circulating pump will draw (pump) the pre-heated, hot water from the Combo unit into the main boiler resevoir. Your main boiler resevior water is now pre-heated. Your main circulating pump will then pump water through the boiler resevoir to the individual rooms (circuts), and return back to the COMBO corn-boiler input line. Your boiler will have to work less because it is getting pre-heated hot water fed to it from the Combo corn-boiler. The burn times on your main boiler should be reduced, if not completely eliminated, thus saving gas/oil energy. When your house calls for heat, it will only turn-on the main circulating pump. Boiler fire-up times should be significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether. If your Combo unit's hot water line is hooked in series with your main boiler, then you will not have to duplicate boiler accessory components such as pressure relief valves, automatic air vent, circulating pump, expansion tank, fill valve, RPZ valve, etc. You should however install pressure/temperature gages in the water supply and return lines to the corn furnace in order to monitor the performance, install an automatic air vent at the highest point in the water line, and install an acqua-stat on the hot water side to eliminate over-heating. The acqua-stat will eliminate over-heating on the heated hot-water coil from the Combo unit by turning the circulating pump on when the temperature rises to a preset level, e.g. 10 Degrees above the boiler temperature level, such as 180 Degrees Fahr. The Aquastat can also turn zone valve(s) on to the coldest room(s) in the house, also referred to as dump zone(s). It is recommended installations be done by a licensed Plumber/HVAC company. After purchase you will receive a Technical Installation Manual as well as an Owners Manal that addresses the hot -water coil installtion in greater detail.


We sell other stoves, furnaces, and fireplace inserts in our Ebay Store and you can check them out by hitting on the little RED Button, or you can just click here on the blue line link...

  • FURNACE: Up to 100,000 BTU/HR, Heats Up to 3,500 Sq Ft, FORCED-AIR DUCTR
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: High Technology w. Surround, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capability, 2500 Sq.Ft.
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: Colonial Cast Iron, 60,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capability, heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft.
  • FIREPLACE INSERT: Vintage Cast Iron, 35,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capability, heats up to 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, High Tech, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel Capabilty, Heats up to 2500 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, beautiful BAY WINDOW, 50,000 BTU/Hr., Multi-fuel, Heats up to 2500 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, Colonial Cast Iron, 60,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capblty, Heats up to 3000 Sq.Ft.
  • STOVE CORN/PELLET, Vintage Cast Iron, 35,000 BTU/Hr., Mult-fuel Capblty, Heats up to 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • MOBILE HOME STOVE, for Corn/Pellet/Mult-fuel, 52,500 BTU/Hr., Heats up to 1500 S.Ft.
  • FLUE EXHAUST KITS, for STOVES, UL Approved, Rated for Corrossive Burning Corn/Pellet Stoves
  • CHIMNEY FLUE EXHAUST KITS, for Fireplace Inserts, 25, 30, 35 FEET (or higher), UL Approved
  • FRESH AIR KITS, install one or use inside warm air and BURN-UP 100 dollar Bills! SAVE $$$$.
  • Buy a Stove, Furnace, Boiler, or Fireplace Insert from one of the leaders in the country...THAT'S US!


     Worried about RISING fuel prices?...well don't worry. Just buy a MULT-FUEL stove, furnace, boiler, or fireplace insert and SWITCH to another (cheaper) fuel such as CORN, WOOD PELLETS or big HARD RED WINTER WHEAT ... or switch grass, or any BIO-MASS fuel of-the-future. The latest prices are posted in bags of sizes 40lb, 50lb, or 55lb where a bushel of corn is 55lb bag. BLUE SEAL STOVE CORN is in 40lb bags. Whole corn at a farm feed dealer is usually bagged in 50 bags. Only elevator grain (corn) is bagged in 55lb bushel bags. WOOD PELLETS come in a smaller bag (40 lb), and they burn less-hot than corn or other bio-mass material.

  1. CORN in IOWA................................................. Sept 1, 2014.........$3.76/bu. bag
  2. CORN in EASTERN OHIO ...............................Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.07/bu. bag
  3. CORN in NEBRASKA .......................................Sept 1, 2014 .....$3.72/bu.bag
  4. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NH.........................Sept 1, 2014 .....$7.79/40lb.bag
  5. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in VERMONT ..........Sept 1, 2014.......$7.92/40lb.bag
  6. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MAINE ................. Sept 1, 2014......$7.41/40lb.bag
  7. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in MASS ....................Sept 1, 2014.......$7.99/40lb.bag
  8. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in NEW YORK .........Sept 1, 2014.......$7.99/40lb.bag
  9. Blue Seal STOVE CORN in PENN ....................Sept 1, 14..........$7.63/40lb.bag

  10. WOOD PELLETS in IOWA ............................Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.75/40lb.bag
  11. WOOD PELLETS in NEBRASKA ......................Sept 1, 14 .......$4.87/40lb.bag
  12. WOOD PELLETS in OHIO........ ........................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.25/40lb.bag
  13. WOOD PELLETS NEW YORK ........................Sept1, 14 .......$5.49/40lb.bag
  14. WOOD PELLETS in PENN .............................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.98/40lb.bag
  15. WOOD PELLETS in MAINE ......................Sept 1, 2014 .........$5.25/40lb.bag
  16. WOOD PELLETS VERMONT ........................Sept 1, 14 .......$5.65/40lb.bag
  17. WOOD PELLETS NEW HAMPSHIRE............Sept 1, 14 .......$5.75/40lb.bag
  18. WOOD PELLETS IN MASS .....................Sept 1, 2014...........$5.99/40lb.bag

  19. SOYBEANS in IOWA............................... Sept 1, 2014 ..........$9.97/bu. bag
  20. SOYBEANS in NEBRASKA..................... Sept 1, 2014 .........$9.60/bu. bag
  21. BIG RED WHEAT NEBRASKA .....................Sept 1, 2014 .....$5.11/bu. bag
  22. BIG RED WHEAT MONTANA................... Sept 1, 2014 .......$4.94/bu. bag
  23. BIG RED WHEAT CANADA ....................Sept 1, 2014 .........$5.23/bu. bag
  24. CHERRY PITS MICHIGAN.......................Sept 1, 2014..........$7.25/50lb.bag
  25. CHERRY PITS OREGON..........................Sept 1, 2014...........$6.75/50lb.bag
  26. CHERRY PITS CALIFOR.........................Sept 1, 2014...........$7.25/50lb.bag
  27. OLIVE PITS CALIFORNIA.........................Sept 1, 2014..........$6.25/50lb.bag
  28. SUNFLOWER BLACK SEEDS..................Sept 1, 2014........$15.95/50lb.bag


There is a 3 Year Warranty this product. The company has been making corn stoves for 23 years was was the original inventor of the American corn/pellet stove. The company is a well-managed, family-owned, private corporation. The THREE YEAR WARRANTY covers the heat exchanger, frame housing, door, fire pot, auger, and a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on electronics. Be careful what you buy and from whom you buy. We are a Dealer specializing in corn stoves and can help you through the installation as well as any on-going trouble shooting if necessary. Be careful as others may not have the capability to do that.


Fresh air sources may be either room air or fresh air kit. A fresh air kit is especially recommended for newer contructed homes that have air-tight construction...as room air vacuum may be crated without it. Also inside air has impurities and is human breathed and carbon-dioxide saturated. If you buy this unit, an outside fresh air passageway is already designed into our Concentric Vent Kit. Experience in the operation of Wood Pellet and Corn Stoves we recommend you: (1) Buy our Concentric Vent Kit that has a Fresh Air inlet, (2) Non-concentric Exhaust/Fresh Air technique - remove DIAGONAL HOUSING, (3) Wood Pellet Users: buy our AUGER IMPROVEMENT II as it has the safety gap welded closed with end-ticks welded the on shaft-end and will eliminate crushing of wood pellets, (4) Wood Pellet Users should consider buying the Rear flue Exhaust Fan that is mounted on the back and will create a negative air pressure, suck the air and fumes out of the combustion chamber thus eliminating HOPPER FIRES, (5) Existing Flue Exhaust pushes air and flue exhaust out of the combustion chamber and into the flue exhaust pipe ... (can create a hopper fire when pushing out thru the hopper bin!); (6) Corn Users: buy DRY corn from sources (farmers) that dry their corn 12 to 14% moisture and who cater to corn stove owners; (7) Corn Users: use crushed oyster shell with your corn and scatter or layer it into the hopper like layering soap in the laundry machine; (8) Buy a wood-pellet or corn stove that has the capability to heat both your home and hot water...that our unit!; (9) High moisture content of corn 15% can be offset by burning crushed oyster shell and partial wood pellets. Corn Users: Everyone should consider sprinkling crushed oyster shell into their corn to facilitate a cleaner burning and less ash...even if you have 12% moisture corn.


Included in your purchase is a 17 page OWNER'S MANUAL with installation instructions and pictures providing a wealth of information. We also have a several other booklets of TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION for: (1) Hot-Water Coil Hookup, (2) Boiler Booster Hookup, (3) Equipment Alternatives Available. The Equipment Alternatives handout lists all the equipment and the alternate manufacturers of this equipment. In the Owner's Manual is a step by step instruction for installation for Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air Vent Kit (not provided) and startup. This Concentric Flue Exhaust/Fresh Air Vent Kit can be purchased separately at your request and/or check our Ebay Store. Note that Fresh Air Intake feature is included in the Concentric Pipe Kit. and if installed you will not only avoid room air vacuum, but also control the amount of air fed into your furnace. Note: a NON-Concentric method may be employed to hookup both Flue Exhaust and Fresh Air and this involves removing the DIAGONAL HOUSING on the rear.


Customer may pick this item up in person or have it shipped by a Commercial Freight Carrier 400 lbs to the nearest large-city Main Terminal serving the customer's geographic area. The Customer will drive to the Main Terminal in a pickup truck and the Freight Company will load the unit into their truck with a fork-lift truck. For another $50 it may save you time and gas money to have us ship to a local fork-lift, loading-dock business located in your town or a nearby city. Lumber Yards or Farm Impement companies have been known to do this. If so then please advise us. Normal Freight Costs: We estimate Freight to range between $215.00 to $315.00 and we will charge an average flat rate of $265.00 for the U.S. mainland.


Active bidders please provide me with your telephone number(s) and E-mail. This may increase your chance of getting the item in which you are bidding. Good communication exchange and successful bidding go hand-in-hand. Just a request and a suggestion.


Heating capacity up to 3,000 sq. ft., BTU output up to 70,000 BTU/Hr., Hopper capacity 100 lb, Fuel Biomass seeds, corn, premium wood pellets, big red winter wheat, soybeans, just to name a few, etc., Emissions on corn 0.9 grams/hour, Burn Rate 2.5 to 7.0 lbs/hr, Room Air Blower 465 CFM, Hot Water Coils at 12 gpm displace 60 gallons at 180 Degress Fahr for 5 minute duration. Combo II Water Jacket Option is around 10 gallon and is 100% Stainless Steel. Dimensions: 30"Wide x 32"High x 26.75"Deep, for Legs add 6" in H (Height), for vertical duct take-off add 18" to top or Height, Weight 350 lbs, Shipping weight 400 lbs, Electrical 110 VAC, 7 Amps, 60 Hz, a POWER OUTAGE Module is available, Safety Tested, EPA Exempt, UL Approved MH45411, ULC/ORD- C 1482, (UM) 84-HUD. Manufacturer: Carroll Corn Stoves Corp.


For questions, comments, or to Buy-It-Now through Ebay, contact: Corn Stoves of Iowa, Dealer, 1312 1st Avenue, N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52405, 319-298-0500Color=red>, FAX 319-298-0500 (call us to turn FAX on), E-mail: Use the Ebay Ask-a-questionColor=blue> system which is highlighted in blueColor=blue> located at the bottom of the listing in the far lower left-hand side.... Also check out my Ebay Store at:

On Nov-07-05 at 07:51:15 PST, seller added the following information: Always buy from a DEALER. Never buy from individuals.
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