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AMISH GRAVITY DROP Wood Pellet Stove Furnace,40,000 BTU, 80lb Hoppr

AMISH GRAVITY DROP Wood Pellet Stove Furnace,40,000 BTU, 80lb Hoppr
AMISH GRAVITY DROP Wood Pellet Stove Furnace,40,000 BTU, 80lb Hoppr
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UP TO 40,000 BTU/HR, UP TO 1500 SQ FT

GRAVITY DROP no worry about power outages as no electricity
Great for CABINS and mountain regions, non-electric buildings

WORLD'S ONLY GRAVITY-DROP Wood Pellet Stove ... buy it and SAVE $$$$!

The Amish Gravity-Drop Wood Pellet Stove is the only wood pellet stove mademade with gravity drop in the world. You can load up the hooper bin (holds 80 lbs) with 2 bushels of pellets and let it run, lever crank the wood pellet drop. You can drop up to 30 lbs of wood pellets in the combustion chamber at one time and this could last you up to 12 hours of burn time ... maybe even longer. You can put it in any size of home, cabin, garage, farm house, business at 1,500 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. and even business shell buildings up to 1500 sq.ft. It has up to 40,000BTU/HR and will heat almost any size space you have. Locate in the main room centrally to facilitate radiant as well as natural room-air convection. It has an option of an 150 CFM Blower Fan, but a strategic central location will facilitate radiant as well as central room-air convection. Manufacturer offers a 3 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Only buy this unit from an Authorized Dealer. This unit retails at a manufacturer's recommended selling price or MRSP of $2,850.00.

The Amish people are running this stove in the regions of Lancaster, Pennsyvania and Kalona, Iowa, but you don't need to be Amish to own, operate, and run it.

Supplies are limited and there are only a few left in the warehouse for this heating season. It is still wise to buy one now and get it delivered and installed this fall/early winter so you don't miss any remaining cold months this heating season. Every month of delayed decisions with cost you $250 to $350 per month in heating bill savings. The manufacturer has only built a limited number.

POWER OUTAGE MODULES we also sell, but you won't need one if you have our AMISH GRAVITY FEED Wood Pellet Stove. We can arrange a special buy-it-now for these to avoid circumvention of Ebay fees. Also visit our Ebay Store for other related items:

Ebay Rules allow the highest bidder to Buy-It-Now immediatelyCOLOR=red> with an early auction ending. There has to be more than 12 hours left in the listing. To do that call us at 1-319-298-0500COLOR=red> or contact us at Ebay's Ask-a-questionCOLOR=blue> located at the bottom of this listing in the far lower left-hand side or use Ebay's Contact Seller. This is consistent with Ebay rules and we have no intent to bypass them or bypass Ebay in a sale.

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  1. Hookup the 6-Inch Top-Mount Flue Exhaust Pipe
  2. Hookup the Fresh-Air Kit in the Rear
  3. Prime the Firepot with wood pellets and start with starter gel
  4. Fuel Loading Lid. Turn the handle clockwise to open the lid of Hopper Bin, fill with wood pellets and close lid
  5. Fuel Dump Lever (top right lid). The fuel dump lever is used to dump pellets into the main fuel chamber and fire pot. Dump the pellets into the fuel chamber by actuating the lever forward using the multi-tool provided. (One acctuation drops approximately 10 lbs of wood pellets)
  6. One Lever Acctuation constitues one wood-pellet gravity-drop charge (estimated 10 lbs).
  7. Do not add more than 10 lbs of pellets into the pre-chamber or more than 30 lbs of pellets in the main chamber at one time.
  8. 5-12 hours burning duration on a single 30lb charge, subject to burn speed (air control)
  9. Access Panel (on rightside). If you need to open doors, then open the access panel to exposs the main door latches.
  10. Primary Air Control. Located on the lower-right as you face the unit. You will push/pull on the knob to adjust the combustion air entering the appliance.
  11. Ash Pan Access. Remove both knobs at the lower bottom to access and empty the ash pan.
  12. Agitator. Located on the lower right front. Push/pull knob to agitate fuel to remove ashes or buioldup from the burnpot.


Worried about POWER OUTAGES...well don't worry...just buy A GRAVITY-DROP wood pellet stove. Its as simple as that.


The demand for wood pellet stoves has gone up as people are switching to wood pellets because of Corn price increases ($3.00 to $9.00 per 50 lb bag) due to Ethanol demand. The price of wood pellets at $4.50 per 40 lb bag is expected to stay this winter to around $4.50 per 40 lb bag ... and it is still competitive with corn (even with the recent dip in corn prices). The costs to operate a stove will be 1/3th to 1/4th natural gas, propane gas, and fuel oil.. $4.50 per Bag will heat a 1500 square foot home one day or and average of $135.00 per month. That beats a $500.00/month Natural Gas bill by a long shot!


The OPTIONS Available: (1) 150 CFM Blower Motor, (2) Louver Set - Stainless Steel. (3) Flue Exhaust Kit (6-inch Pipe), (4) Fresh-Air Kit (5) POWER-OUTAGE Module $179. We can arrange a special buy-it-now for these OPTIONS to avoid circumvention of Ebay fees.


At a low particle emission rate of 2.19 grams/hr this unit meets or exceeds the EPA Certified Phase II Emissions Standards at 7.5 grams/hr for non-catalytic wood stoves and 4.1 grams/hr for catalytic wood stoves. Wood pellet stoves are non-catalytic. It also meets or exceedsColor=red> the strict CALIFORNIA Standards, COLORADO Phase III Approved, state of WASHINGTON Standards (less than 4.5 g/hr.), and the strict OREGON Standards (less than 2.5 g/hr) for particle emissions.


Since this stove is gravity-drop with no electic required, you don't need a Power Outage Module. But for those of you concerned about power outages with an electric-powered stove, a power outage module may be a handy thing to have. A Power-Outage Module (1000 watts) is available at $179 to supply 115 VAC to your crucial electrical devices ... a smart item to have as backup in power outages. Use this module for POWER OUTAGES and you can run it from any 12 VOLT BATTERY either a Car battery or a Deep Cycle Battery. It supplies 1000 WATTS of 115 VAC POWER with two outlets and battery cables are supplied. It will will run a variety of devices such as a CORN STOVES, WOOD PELLET STOVES , furnaces, computers, appliances, lights, sump pumps. It even has a USB Type A outlet that allows charging of IPOD's, Blackberrys, and Cell Phones. SIZE: 10 inches Wide, 5 inches High, 15 inches Long, WEIGHT: 15 lbs. Larger 1575 Watt POWER priced at $250, still Larger 2500 Watt POWER priced at $350.


There is a 3 YEAR WARRANTY on the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, fire box, door, etc. Be careful from whom you buy. We are a Dealer specializing in wood pellet and corn stoves and can help you through your installation as well as and trouble shooting if necessary down the road. Be careful as others do not have the capability to do that.


Winning bidders will be sent with shipment our 20 page OWNER'S MANUAL so they may read it and prepare for the installation of their Gravity-Feed Wood Pellet Stove Furnace. In the Owner's Manual is a step by step instruction. Also installation for Exhaust Flue Vent Kit (not provided) and a Fresh-Air Kit (not provided) and startup are provided. Exhaust Flue Vent Kit can be purchased separately at your request and/or check our Ebay Store. The unit is assembled in a box/crated pallet.


You can pickup or have it shipped. STANDARD SHIPPING is by a commercial freight carrier 500 lbs to the nearest large-city Main Terminal serving the customer's geographic area. There are several terminals in each state. Customer just picks up at this regional Main Terminal. You just drive down (over) there in a pickup truck and they will load your unit into your truck with a forklift truck. If your place of employment has a liftgate and/or loading dock we could ship there. For another small charge we could also ship to a local forklift-loading dock business in the same or nearby town. Customers requiring liftgate residential service (not normal shipping) should expect a significant add-on charge. Note shipping companies now categorize farms and rural areas as residential delivery requiring an extra charge. Check for DAMAGE BEFORE you accept or remove merchandise. Standard procedure for pickup is to check for damage, examine the carton, box, skid for damage, if damaged NOTE it on the SIGNATURE FORM, otherwise your CLAIM will be DENIED. Note shipping companies will try to get you to sign FREE and CLEAR without noting exception on the delivery form or slip. If you sign CLEAR without noting damages, your claim will be DENIED. Excessively damaged items just reject and leave at the terminal.


Active bidders please provide me with your telephone number(s) and E-mail. This may increase your chance of getting the item in which you are bidding. Good communication exchange and successful bidding go hand-in-hand. Just a request and a suggestion.


Gravity Feed, Heat Output up from 40,000 BTU/Hr, Heating Capacity ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 Square Feet, Hopper Bin Capacity to 80 lbs or 2 - 40 lb Bags. Flue Exhaust Pipe is 6 inches on the top mount, Fresh-Air Pipe at the lower rear. EPA Particle Emission rate was tested at 2.19 grams per hour. Auto-start Feature, Option: Large Ash Pan Tray, Weight of stove 400 lbs, weight of shipping with crate/pallet 500 lbs, Dimensions:Width 25 inches, Height 43 inches, Depth 24 inches, A 150 CFM Fan is avalible but not necessary. A POWER OUTAGE Module available, EPA Exempt. 3 Year WARRANTY. Safety Tested and Listed to UL 1482-2010 & ULC-S627-2000 Standards. Manufacturer: Amish Made America


For questions, comments, or to Buy-It-Now through Ebay, contact: Corn Stoves of Iowa, Dealer, 1312 1st Avenue, N.W., Cedar Rapids, IA 52405, 319-298-0500Color=red>, FAX 319-298-0500 (call us to turn FAX on), E-mail: Use the Ebay Ask-a-questionColor=blue> system which is highlighted in blueColor=blue> located at the bottom of the listing in the far lower left-hand side.... Also check out my Ebay Store at:

On Nov-07-05 at 07:51:15 PST, seller added the following information: Always buy from a DEALER. Never buy from individuals.?
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